WallArt bring your walls to life!
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MyWallArt 3D Wall Covering give an extra dimension to your walls!

If you're feeling a little tired of run of the mill paints and wallpapers, you will be pleased to know that decorative wall panel manufacturer, WallArt, has introduced twenty 3d wall covering designs!

Wallart is trying to appeal to a greener environment with their 3d wall-covering. By using this recycled raw material, called bagasse, we can say that this wallpaper is a 3d product decoration echo. The Wallart 3d wall-covering are all made from renewable sources, which are biodegradable and therefore contribute to environmental sustainability. WallArt was chosen by interior designers as one of the best and most innovative eco products of the year in home decor.

To see more of WallArt 3d wall covering and 3d wall tiles browse true our website! The relief of the surface catches the light and plays with it. By variating the intensity, angle or tint of the lighting source, you can create an atmosphere by just converting one of the walls.
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